like a little fox urine with that?

Sorry y’all, been feeling like compete and total hell lately.

Haven’t forgotten you – just too tired to post.  But tonight I took a little liquid energy (a.k.a. a couple of margaritas)

liquid energy

Okay:  about the health.  Colon = bad.  Bone pain = bad.  Cancer = still there but can’t find it.  Left hip = killing me.  (shall I continue??)


Anyway, tonight I took my liquid energy and did a little long-needed work on the back yard (needed!!!   I’m going out of town for the weekend – yea!).

WTF (I mean “Nala”)

So the liquid energy made it possible for me to drain and clean the pond; water the greenhouse; clean up some messed (thank you WTF, I mean “Nala”)

. . . and I put out some skunk repellent.

Big Mistake!!!

For those who have forgotten, Bailey (and some times Ozzie) are skunk magnets!  I’m so tired of bathing dogs in the middle of the night because the have decided to take on the local skunk population.

Now, before you all wonder if I live in the boonies, I don’t.  I live in an urban area but very hear a nature reserve by a river – a’ la skunks.

Anyway, I’ve tried about half a dozen skunk repellents which do NOTHING for the skunks.  The dogs love them though.

This time I bought the hard-core, never, fail repellent made of ground pepper and freeze-dried fox urine (no shit – no pun intended).  Don’t ask me how they get fox to cooperate with the entire “Pee here so we can freeze-dry your urine” concept but, hey, whatever.

not how I think they obtain it 😦

Anyway, this shit STINKS!!!


So I followed the directions:

  • – no wind (check)
  • – low humidity
  • – sprinkle gently on property perimeter (as four dogs followed me and licked the powder)

then, BAM – out of the blue comes a random gust of wind (thank you God, you are a riot) and I get an entire face full (and mouth full) of ground black pepper and fox urine.

Yeah, it might not work on dogs (or skunks for that matter) but it sure as hell will work on humans.

Holy crap that stuff is a nightmare!!!   Gag, gasp, barf!!!

I’m so not going to ever ask for a fox urine cocktail!

But I think I need another margarita (and to lay down with a heating pad and my DVR)



One comment

  1. Yogo smith

    Does it really smell that bad? What’s it like compared to human urine?

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