meds rollercoaster

Dear friends, family, FB, stalkers, and strangers . . . stand by!

As you know – ad nauseam – I went through complete and total hell while on Chantix

bad moods



urge to stab things

this is me on – or off – meds

Well, the Chantix is out of my system just in time for

drum roll please

going off my thyroid meds for the next 3 weeks.


more bitchiness

more moodiness

more depression

more urges to get all stabby

all so I can drink some radiation and play hide and seek with my cancer.

prepare for the rollercoaster now

those with strong self-preservation and/or weak hearts may want to avoid the ride

or at least the rider  🙂

Hey, if I could, I’d avoid me too!

otherwise, buckle and please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times

hang on and have fun



  1. Keep lots of chocolate around…..<3

  2. LID = no chocolate. 😦

    Good thing is that alcohol is still okay!

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