cell phone emergency

Door to office flings open  

Clueless rushes in – shoving his personal cell phone towards me

Clueless:   “Here, help him”

me: ??????

taking his cell phone

me:  “Hello, can I help you?”

voice on phone:  “This is _____ from _____.  (Clueless) called me to give me some information”

me:  “okay . . . ”

voice:  “you just need to go to our website and click on _____ and submit that information”

me:  “okay . . . but . . . ”

 – click – 

Clueless:  “did you get that????”

me:  “WHO was that?

Clueless:  “I have no idea, either company ______, or _________, or _________”

me:  “But you called them!”

Clueless:  “I know but I forgot which one I called.  But I need you to get that information right over to them.”

me:  “but I don’t know who it was or what information I’m supposed to give them – they just told me to go to their website then hung up”

Clueless:  “Well, look on their web site.”


Clueless:  “Can you look it up?”

me: “I don’t even know what number you dialed!!

Clueless shoves phone towards me, gives me “puppy dog eyes”

which I’ve learned to detest and will be used in my defense trial

me – hitting redial

automated voice:  “thank you for calling ________”

 – click – 

me:  “Okay, it was ________”

Clueless:  “Oh wow.  I didn’t even mean to call them!  Never mind.”

walks out slamming my office door

head hitting my desk slowly, over and over


Someday I swear, I will do it!

cause this shit happens

all. the. time.


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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

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