final destination

Some people say that their cancer experience is like “getting hit by a bus”.

Having watched some of my friends battle their various forms of cancer, yeah, the analogy is pretty good.

Not all cancers are the same though.

Take my personal favorite, thyroid cancer.

Not usually a “bus” diagnosis.

Most thyroid cancer patients get a diagnosis that is more like:

 being dragged down the road


by a Ford Pinto

on fire

thyroid cancer

thyroid cancer

Yeah, it doesn’t kill us quickly – it drags it out a looooooooooonnnnngggg time.

Surgery (often multiple surgeries)

pills the rest of our lives

blood work every 3 months

scans at least once a year (usually more often)

learning new words: bone density, I-131, WBS, RAI, PET/CT, ultrasound, thyroglobulin, Thyrogen, TSH, T4, T3, Free T4/T3, endocrinology, neck dissection, thyroid storm, beta blockers, calcium deficiency, parathyroid glands, avid versus non-avid, I-123, calcium supplements, Vitamin D, PCOS, arthritis, GI problems, hot/cold flashes, constant chronic pain, antidepressants . . .

it goes on

and on

and on

So, for the cancer snobs out there – for those who say “you don’t look sick”, those who say “at least it’s the good kind”  just remember . . . whether you’ve been hit by the bus or are getting dragged down the road slowly by the Ford Pinto (on fire) the final destination is the same!



  1. Had it said again yesterday…..”well, if you had to have it, that’s the best one to have, right?”

  2. Ah yes. The old bus vs dragging slowly down the road by a flaming pinto. I take the bus anyday. My grandpa was taken by a massive and fast heart attack. We were all grateful.

  3. My basal carcinoma was a freak’n walk in the park compared to this!!! Basal cell just entailed a little light surgery (in office with locals), some freezing, and topical chemo.

    Thyroid cancer SUCKS ASS!

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