bra treats

Typically I don’t put treats in my bra – they just randomly end up there.  Not in a Mardi Gras bead-throwing sort of way.  My way is a lot more interactive.

And NO, my boobs do not randomly stock chocolates or cupcakes for me.  But that would be awesome!

Goose, the office bird, uses me as her personal supply closet.  Being used as a supply closet isn’t new, it’s not that different from having kids or dogs . . . other than they never stored their stuff in my bra.  Usually.

Goose finds it convenient though. It’s amazing what a 3.2oz bird can carry too – toys/food/stolen articles from my desk.  All fair game.

I realize when eating, food has a pretty good chance of ending up down my shirt.  It’s a habit I developed when I was pregnant.  Everything would spill onto my belly.

Pregnancy made my arms shorter and they never grew back.

I’m sticking to that!

Other than the occasional need to store ID/cell phone/money in my bra when I haven’t had my purse, I never considered  intentionally using my bra for storage – other than for boobs.

It’s amazing what a pet can teach you.  Like: bras aren’t just for boobie storage.

I know!  Who knew?

UPS brought  Goose a box of toys today and she was so happy.  Dancing, clicking, running up my arm and kissing me, more dancing – you get the idea.

She picked out a toy she especially likes.  It has little rattan balls filled with crinkled pink and blue paper  to pull out and shred.

(it is the crunch & munch)

Great idea.

Until you find the shreds in your bra.

With parts of almonds.

And some blueberry muffin.

Okay, stop judging me!  It’s not like I haven’t been monitoring what has been going into my bra!

The only reason I mention it is just I realized that this type of “routine” in my life probably isn’t normal.

Which calls for a blog post – with pictures! 

As a special treat for y’all, I thought I’d show you what was stashed in birdie-storage the bra today:

it's like a damned party in there

And, while I was emptying out the storage-unit bra to take a picture of the loot, I put Goose on her swing.

She was not happy about losing a day’s worth of work (note bird evil-eye).

you will regret messing with my evil plot!

so now she’s heading back to the scene of the crime to remedy the situation (with almonds)

back to the scene of the crime

At least I was able to shake out both the keyboard and the bra.

I’m going to have to set a reminder on my phone to shake out my bra before my next doctor’s appointment.  Or just snack on whatever she has left for me on the way to the hospital.  yummmmmm

Hey, it’s like I have a Mom packing a lunch for me.  I guess.

(like that ever happened)

Normal is soooooooooooo overrated. 


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  1. You and that bird crack me up.

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