spite blogging

My son finally caved to peer pressure.

Not high school crap or anything like that.  I mentioned the other day about something going on with the family.  He gave me that classic guy look and said “huh???”

I told him he needs to be on Facebook and, above all else, read the family blogs!

His classic “huh” was then followed by a very polite “WTF??!!”

See, I have a blog.  His aunt has a blog.  His sister has a blog.

We don’t share critical information via phone calls.  We text, put it on Facebook, or put it on our blogs.

Welcome to the world son.

So, after much harassment he finally gave in.

Here it is:


-when you just have to get your family off your back


My baby is all grown up.  It kind of brought a tear to my eye.

So proud.  (sniffle)

We won’t mention that my geek son needed his mom to help him put it together.  That would just be cruel.


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