birds don’t apologize

my bird talks to me

(better than the voices in my head)

yeah, um, I was eating your almonds and I think I had a little “incident”

yup – looks like I filled your keyboard with crushed almonds

got a warranty on it?

I love you



  1. Is there enough caffeine on your desk? 🙂 Does the bird drink it? This is awesome!

    • That is only enough for about an hour or two! People with zero energy need help just moving around during the day.

      The bird only gets water She *tries* to get to the Diet Coke and coffee but I don’t share 🙂

      • Oh, and one of the Starbucks mugs is her water.
        She thinks she’s a human when she can type on the keyboard, eat on my desk, and drink out of a coffee cup.

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