mother’s day between the lines

Okay, so it seems like everyone is writing a blog, article, facebook post, or sending a text about Mother’s Day.   Hell, I received a spam text message the other day from my “estranged” sister that she only sent to 12 “wonderful mothers” and you are supposed to send it to another 12 “wonderful mothers” including the one who sent it to you.

I deleted it.

Mother’s Day is something like every other stinking artificial holiday for me.  If you care about someone you should tell them all year long.  Not a fan of the holidays (since childhood but that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

Except Halloween – that holiday just kicks ass!


Sometimes it’s not what you say in your blog as much as what isn’t said in it.  I’ve noticed my peeps!!!   I have the same dilemma.

So, in celebration of that, and despite what a lot of my friends have been forced to overcome, I just wanted to publicly tell them/you that y’all are AWESOME moms!!

So, to all of the wonderful mothers out there, including some of my fellow bloggers/friends/survivors

My amazing daughter who has turned into an uber-amazing mother (despite my example)

And my sister who, like me, had to figure it out on her own but is super mommy!

and my close friends on FB

 Happy Mother’s Day – you inspire me!!!

 Love you!!!

we don’t do this shit for a Hallmark card and Walmart flowers!

P.S.  in light of this week’s Time Magazine cover and some seriously weird shit I’ve encountered in my own family; thank you for not breastfeeding your babies until kindergarten.  No one liked Norman Bates.  Just say’n.


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