not enough sleep + texting = OMG

I am not a morning person.

My children are not morning people.

Our dogs are . . . and that sucks!

Son is off work today but, since we both were awakened by the dogs announcing the end of the world bright and early this morning,  I think both of us are still a bit shell shocked and incoherent.

Here’s a text he sent me (4 hours after the dog incident):

son:  Good morning beautiful  🙂  🙂  🙂

me: you know this is your mom – not (name withheld to protect the innocent), right?  🙂

son:  god damn it . . . 

me:  lots of smiley faces

son: Note to self, look at the name I’m texting first before actually texting

me:  so going into my blog

son:  FUCK!!!


You are welcome son.  Just remember, a mother’s love is priceless!




  1. Love it…aren’t they fun to humiliate?

  2. that’s why I had them (and to carry groceries to the car) 🙂

  3. AH. Kids are great. Is he following the blog yet? My husband is afraid to read mine. LOL

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