glass ceiling upside the head

Sorry peeps, not feeling well and the humor level is pretty much bottomed out.

I’ll keep it short.

I know I dump on guys (the keepers of the “why?!?” chromosome) but they aren’t the only ones who get my blood pressure up (despite the beta blockers).

Women, stop falling into clichés in the workplace – you make the rest of us who worked so damned hard just to almost break even look bad!

Harassment happens.  Discrimination happens.  It’s wrong and it needs to be dealt with legally.  But when you manipulate the system and “cry wolf” it makes every legitimate case look fake.

  • I get so pissed off at women who bats their eyelashes at guys to get him to do something for her.  It makes all of us look weak.  Helpless isn’t attractive.  Helpless screams “victim in waiting”.  Helpless reinforces bad stereotypes that women can’t do the job (any job).
  • Don’t scream harassment or discrimination.  I was involved in a lengthy court cases because a woman refused to do her job, despite every accommodation possible.  She finally got fired and claimed sexual discrimination.  She eventually lost but it was a year of hell.  That makes any boss gun-shy about hiring another female – ever!
  • Don’t waive mysterious female problems as a threat/excuse.   Lately I’ve run into a woman who is trying to threaten and manipulate people to do her bidding because she is pregnant.  About 7 weeks pregnant!   “I need my check early because I am behind on my bills and I don’t want to get sick, I’m pregnant.”
Do you have any idea how you make all women look when you do this shit?  Do you ever think what men may think of all of us when you do this?  What about the rest of us women who put 60-70 hours a week in the trenches??!!

There are many of us who worked fulltime while raising kids (many on our own) and obtaining higher education degrees – just to make $.73 on the dollar compared to men.  We also get stuck doing the menial shit while less educated, less competent men make the big bucks.

Women (girls) don’t put the glass ceiling  back up!

‘cause there are a couple of us old bitches who will crack that damned ceiling over your flirty little skulls!

Okay guys -you’re back on my radar now.


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