five start hotel, spa, pool

I got the best phone call this morning.  I am getting an overnight stay in a five-star hotel complete with a spa and a pool!

minus the hotel

and the spa

and the pool

Okay, I stop breathing at night so I am scheduled for an overnight sleep study at the hospital.  Hey, it costs more than a five-star hotel.

As an old, broken down, mom/grandma let me just tell you . . .

I     AM      SO      DAMNED    EXCITED!

If you are a mother, you get it.

My kids are all grown and sort of gone.  But I have an office full of grown adult men who are worse than 2-year-olds.  Psychotic 2-year-olds with the flu, ADHD, and who are on crack.  

This is just a tiny, tiny bit of today:

My stapler isn’t working!       (out of staples and Clueless just didn’t want to refill it, and he couldn’t find mine to steal.  I had to stop in the middle of running payroll to “rescue” him from his stapler)

I need you to shred these because my shredder is broken un-plugged

I need a web site created right now

Seriously, this shit happens on a regular basis.

We are out of paper/coffee/Post It Notes/folders/whatever.

Why is it no one remembers where the supply closet is except the one with boobs – the one with boobs and the only one with a freak’n Master’s Degree?!?!?!?

Yeah, ask me why I would be excited to spend a night in a hospital, hooked up to wires, being watched by strange technicians.

Go ahead, ASK ME (eyes twitching, vein pulsing, trigger finger itching)  ASK ME!!!

God help the guys at the office if I just decide to stay at the sleep clinic.  

God help them if I don’t go!


Followup:  got a letter with my expected charges today.  $3075 for the overnight study, NOT including the costs for a doctor to interpret each test.    WTF?!?!?!?    Do you know what kind of hotel I could stay in for $3k a night???!!!!


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