Today, my arch-nemisis, I will refer to you only by your proper name “193”.  I will not give you the satisfaction of actually calling you by your common name because, once again, we are at war!


What is it this mysterious “193”?

If you have to ask – you’re lucky!  Those of us who have been living with 193 see it on every lab slip, every doctors note – it is what the medical community has come to define us as.

Three.  Little.  Numbers.

If you are into numerology 193 adds up to 13 – which is supposed to be the most unlucky of numbers.  Some web sites say that the number 13 indicates a karmic debt  – which must be right because it’s on the internet!

Yup – I’ll give 193 credit for being unlucky, karma or no karma!

If it is your age, other than being in the Guinness Book, your life pretty much sucks because every part of your body has broken down.

193 = life pretty much sucks.  Right on the money.

If it’s your I.Q. you are a probably a highly irritating, know it all, narcissist.

Yup, that’s 193 again!

I’ve known 193 longer (nine years this November) than either of my marriages lasted.  Give 193 credit – that’s stick-to-it-ness (and not in a good way).   Maybe 193 is just a sick stalker with homicidal tendencies.

I’ll give 193 that

(homicidal bastard!)

Just when I would like to forget about 193 and consider it more of a slow natural gas leak (will eventually blow up but is pretty benign right now) – someone lights a match.

193 – I HATE YOU!



  1. last year 193 lived in my liver, in June we will discover his new kingdom

  2. I love your lunacy…we are all truly sisters in the heart, via the thyroid. You are much more than a number to me. ❤

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