“Did they have to take out your HEART?!?!?!?!?”

Check you neck people!!! Thyroid cancer is silent and deadly!

I have met some amazing, courageous women who have fought this cancer too and it makes us WARRIORS!


I have a giant T shaped scar from the bottom of my neck (the top of the T) down between my breasts. And it’s red. And it’s swollen and wide. (I don’t scar well – stupid Keloids) It also goes up behind one ear, but that part has healed more nicely.

One day when it was still fresh and even scarrier looking – like Frankenstein – a little girl in an “Old Navy” store asked what happened to me. I told her I got really really sick and had to have surgery and the doctor fixed me up. She stared at me in horror for a long long time and then said slowly “Did they have to take out your HEART!?!?!?!” Which embarrassed her mom so much I could see her literally trying to sink into the floor. I said “Nope. I still have my heart – and I’m all better now.”…

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  1. Thank you for spreading my story. Maybe one day it will help others! I love you my dear friend.

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