As Cleansing as a Colon Prep!


When my friends said that a blog was therapeutic they weren’t kidding.  As cleansing as prepping for a colonoscopy but with less toilet paper!

(I know too much about colonoscopies, endoscopes,  and a bunch of other scopes and tests than anyone without a medical degree should – thank you cancer!)

My darling friend Laura asked me to write something about RAI for her blog.  I was exhausted last night but thought I’d at least start it for 10-20 minutes.  Two freak’n hours later I looked up and went OMG (not really, I said all the words) – I had written six pages, included hot links, and added pictures.  I posted it here too ’cause it was like having a new puppy or something (right before it eats your shoes).

What the fuck?

Seriously, it was like a colon prep when, after six hours of living on your bathroom floor ’cause you don’t dare crawl any further away you look at what you have, er, “accomplished” and say “when did I eat THAT?”

(okay, I usually am silently screaming “What in the hell is that?” and “God, take me now!”)

Speaking of letting it all hang out – did I just admit to looking into the toilet before flushing???  Fuck.

Hey, in my defense the prep directions do say to continue taking until it is “clear” and I’m not going to ask someone else to look!  I’m polite like that.

Wait.  What?

Okay . . . I was going to post about the therapeutic effects of blogging and it got a little too personal.  Evil this free association stuff (thank you Carl Jung).

Welcome to blogging.


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